The delivery of our services and the commercial agreement that sits alongside this, is another way that Charles Warwick is differentiating itself. We believe that executive search and selection should be regarded as a professional service and therefore you should have the ability to purchase the expertise and services as you would any other professional services company, with the same level of transparency.

Years of experience have found that clients often hold a level of distrust toward many within the wider “recruitment” industry, concerned at fee levels, a disconnect between cost and value, the lack of accountability within opaque processes and often a total lack of strategy.

Charles Warwick do things differently.

Upon attaining a concise brief from clients, including detailed analysis of the company’s history, current performance and future strategy, we will set out a definitive proposal based on the expectations of role, responsibilities and the personality / soft skills required for individual appointment. As part of this proposal, Charles Warwick set out a completely transparent fee level based on a set number of working days it will take to complete the project. This is broken down to make it clear what activities will be undertaken for this cost.

Every company is unique and every requirement will have different challenges and circumstances behind it. The key to a successful appointment is to understand theses details, working with the hiring manager and internal stakeholders to develop a bespoke approach that will ensure that the right person is identified during the assignment. Our core principles of transparency, accountability and the utmost professionalism run through the heart of our proposals and campaigns.