What is the Charles Warwick Recruitment Masterclass​​?

Achieve reduced recruitment costs, improved hiring efficiency, greater control of your employer brand and who you hire,​ and ultimately better quality of new employees. ​From understanding the fundamental process behind successful recruitment outcomes, to developing more advanced strategies that will enable you ​to ​develop a future talent pool, we will show you how to recruit efficiently and effectively, making full use of the free or low-cost resources ​already ​available to you,​ as well as ​learn​ing​ the core principles of social recruiting​. ​​We focus on the details and data surrounding your current activities, highlighting where the small but significant improvements can be made​. 

What’s involved in the programme?

  • a detailed assessment of your current recruitment processes
  • an analysis of actual and hidden recruitment costs
  • an appraisal of your company offering and positioning
  • training seminar for key hiring managers covering:
    • crafting a compelling and modern job spec
    • optimising your job advertising
    • interview technique
    • securing your person – offer management and on-boarding
    • social recruiting and your employer brand
    • developing a ‘talent pool’ of future employees

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone who is heavily involved in recruiting staff into your business and who is interested in improving your success ratio, reducing your time to hire and enhancing your employer brand. You may be looking to reduce your reliance on – and the cost of – recruitment agencies for junior appointments and establish greater control of your own destiny. You could be a business owner, functional director, frequent hiring manager or an HR professional looking to learn the latest recruitment tools and techniques with a significant commercial benefit.

Who is your tutor?

Mark Gardiner, Managing Director of Charles Warwick Search & Selection.

Mark has developed this bespoke programme to transfer the knowledge and expertise gained from over two decades of recruitment activities, including becoming a leading proponent of social recruiting in the UK. Recognised by LinkedIn as an authority on recruitment, with over 45,000 followers on the site and an active member of the professional network. Drawing on this wealth of personal experience and current best practice in recruitment, Mark has the benefit of having worked for PLC recruitment agencies, specialist independent recruiters and running his own business for the last six years. During his 21 years of experience, Mark has worked with a remarkable range of businesses and organisations across almost all industry sectors, appointing into a breadth of functions.

To discuss a Recruitment Masterclass for your business call Mark Gardiner on 01937 845799 or email mark@charleswarwick.com