Motivation 3.0 – why we’ve been motivating our workforce all wrong

Running a marathon, climbing a mountain, making an eight-hour round trip to see our most-loved sports team play… Motivation is a funny thing, isn’t it? Sometimes it fills us to the point of obsession (often when it’s something we enjoy doing); sometimes we force ourselves into it despite not really wanting to; and at other […]

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Want productivity in the workplace? Ask for less, not more.

There’s no argument that devices and tech has opened up the world in a way nothing else could, but it has also undoubtedly enabled (or should that be actively encouraged) us to become a nation of ‘multi-taskers', constantly frequenting different media and alternating between tasks simultaneously. The question is, despite having the ability to multi task, Is this frenetic activity making us more productive at work, or less?

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How to choose the right career coach for you…

Coaching should be a space where a person feels safe: safe to explore possibilities, experiment with ideas, be honest with themselves and to think outside the box. It should be a space and a time where you can slow down and truly allow for clarity of thought. And in the context of career coaching – which can lead to BIG decisions and BIG changes – it makes sense that choosing a career coach you feel truly comfortable with is of paramount importance.

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The significant but subtle differences between a coach and a mentor

"A coach has some great questions for your answers; a mentor has some great answers for your questions." Some people may spend time talking about the similarities between a mentor and a coach. Indeed, my qualification with the Institute of Leadership & Management is that of “Executive Coaching & Mentoring”. But for the benefit of this post, which follows recent mutterings on ‘an insight into career coaching’, I want to try and focus on the dissimilarities instead.

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My Thoughts on the CBI Annual Conference

The headline theme for this year’s CBI Annual Conference was “Innovation, Growth & Prosperity in a World of Disruption” and it did not disappoint. Across a range of business sectors, commercial issues and political points of view, the illustrious speakers and guests delivered an insightful and informative event. This was my first CBI Annual Conference and I wanted to attend for a variety of reasons, but personal “education” was high up the list and I wanted to share some of my key “take-outs” from the day.

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Bringing the individual into focus – an insight into career coaching

As a coach, I often find that those who get in touch and require my help are unsure what it is they can and should expect from my time – and whilst talking about what something is ‘not’ could be construed as negative, I think the only way to truly help individuals feel confident and happy using a coach is to demystify questions or commonplace misconceptions. I won’t be able to cover everything in this post, and there are sure to be those of you who disagree with some of my points, at least on a certain level. There is also a whole other post needed to look at the differences between mentoring and coaching. But for now, here goes.

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Be more than just a cog: enabling ordinary people to do extraordinary work.

Despite my kids’ on-going joke that I am “Bat Dad”, most of us are – despite what we like to believe, or what tee-shirts we wear at weekends – simply mere mortals. Or to put it another way: we are, for the most part, fairly ordinary people. Capable, intelligent, productive, but ordinary and lacking capes/alter-egos. Organisations are made up of any number of ‘ordinary people’, but what interests me is that there’s no doubt that some organisations seem to get far more out of their employees than others. Why exactly is that?

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Want to Maximise Your Productivity? Take a Break…

When I started work, it was all about “managing your input to manage your output”. The 12 hour days we worked (as a minimum expectation) were maybe not the most productive; it was common to hold back work to make sure you had stuff to do in that last hour. Today, it’s common business practice […]

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Why it pays to be grumpy at work…

Instead of welcoming in those (and possible having preference towards) potential recruits who enter the interview room with a wide smile and welcoming demeanor, we should in fact be looking for that rather gruff, down in the mouth and unimpressed individual who may, or may not, be simmering with latent anger…

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Psychological Tips that will Help you in Business…

I steer clear of list style posts on the whole. Mostly because if I see another ‘Top Ten Interview Tips you Simply Must Read’ type blog I might well bash my head directly into my computer screen; something that would be bad for business and more than likely unsettle my office colleagues. BUT, I’m making an exception this week after reading an interesting Quora article in which people provided their wisdom on ‘Psychological tricks and tips that are useful to know’.

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